12 signs that you’re failing in life:

Alok Mishra
4 min readMar 25

Everybody has plans and dreams. But when it comes to implementation, majority fails.

Now the purpose of their startup has completely changed. If you observe them today, contrast is there.


What stopped them maintaining their consistency?

So, here I will be figuring out major reasons that hold people back from accumulating their fortune.

“This will help you analyze your flaws in detail and will let you know the right strategy to follow, which opens the door to success. “

Lack of well-defined purpose in life:

There is no guarantee of success if you have no Central purpose. You must know well what you’re going to do and what its result can be.

Now if you are clear and have measured your growth in every aspect, move on.

Insufficient education:

You cannot master everything but there will be at least a single subject that you can be known for. Complete education should be there that could help you answer every possible question asked from that specific topic.

Any person who is educated is one who has learned to get whatever he/she wants to get in life without violating others’ rights.

Bad health:

Good health gives you good thoughts. And the right implementation of those thoughts in your work, results. Health issues majorly arise when you have lost your self-control.

No person may enjoy outstanding success unless they have good health.

Bad Health

Some major reasons for bad health;

  • Inadequate supply of fresh air.
  • Improper routine.
  • Eating oily and stale food.
  • Overindulgence in sex.

Unfavorable environment during childhood:

Unless you gain a good level maturity or your brain has not grown to differentiate between good and evil you are completely dependent on the people you are surrounded by for your learning.

“Upbringing in the right environment indirectly secures your success rate.”


Procrastination stands within the shadow of every human being. Some are capable of controlling while some fail. One who fails is waiting for the right time to begin. This is where they lost. They kept on pushing their work for tomorrow, which never comes.

“The right time to begin with anything is your “present”, remember it.”


Uncontrolled sexual urge:

People must master the art of transmutation so they could control their hitting emotions.

Sex calls are very common. It should be controlled and transmuted to other forms of energy than calling physical channels.

In-ability of cooperation:

You cannot master everything; things are changing faster and you’re not enough to control them on your own.

Changes can occur if you provided the right cooperation to the right people. Shower your love, show your sympathy and emotional support in both good and bad moments.

This can help you establish harmony in people.


Lack of persistence:

Good starters are not always good finishers. people are prone to give up at first defeat, where they lose their grip.

Winning enthusiasm should be there till last breath of your life.

Wrong partner selection in your life:

This is the most common reason for failure, especially for those who attached their emotional connection and reveal out their mysteries soon. Partner selection is harder than passing the world’s toughest examination.

“Unless the relationship is harmonious failure is likely to follow.”

Lack of concentration:

In-depth knowledge seldom comes with deep concentration. Concentrate your effort on one definite Chief aim.

Lacking Concentration

Lack of enthusiasm:

Enthusiastic have creative mindsets. they are like dying to Innovate things and serve people with new technologies.

One who has it, under control, is generally welcome in any group of people.


A long-term player never loses their temper shortly. No wave can distract them reaching their goal.


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